Guided by critical reasoning; taking empathy with me.


I'm Šarūnas, I believe that finding the root cause and applying logic-based thinking is the answer.

I'm always ready to lend a helping hand in finding the underlying reasons of a problem and pin-pointing solutions for it.


While business might seem all about the numbers; to build a successful enterprise, it needs clients that would cherish it and hold it dear.

This is why I believe in understanding the personality behind a business and putting it out there to build bonds with customers.

My specialty

I mentioned cricital thinking multiple times now, it is because I have full cofidence in it as a tool for diagnosing problems and applying specific solutions.
All this is built into a well-established process that yields anticipated results.


Creative strategy
Identity design


Persistence and passion are the two most valueable and the most defining characteristics about me. Once I get established within a subject, I'm able to keep razor-sharp focus and grind towards perfection.
These traits allow me to be highly adaptive and to comprehend various subjects quickly, setting me as a "Jack of all trades", while also having deep expertise of the subjects.
Also, did I tell you I love dogs?

Would you like to work together?